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Outside Window / Through The Wall AC Covers

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Treated Canvas - Goldish/Tan
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 Product Info

Window air conditioner outside cover installedMade to the size you need our window / wall outside air conditioner covers are truly the highest quality, strong, heavy duty commercial grade canvas or our very popular MARINETEX fabric. Our outdoor window air conditioner covers are highly mildew resistant and have a clean look. Strong, durable and long lasting wind, snow ice proof. Has a smooth soft finish. Both come with a five year guarantee.
buckleandstrapSMINCLUDES: 1" wide heavy duty nylon strap. Secures cover tightly to window / wall unit in high winds.

Measuring Instructions

IMPORTANT- OUR INSTRUCTIONS ARE DIFFERENT THAN NORMAL. Please follow these measurement instructions to properly order your protective cover. Do not add to the actual measurements.
 Custom AC Covers Width = left to right measurement.
Depth = top to bottom measurement
Height = Back of unit to the window or wall measurement of the portion of the unit which sits outside of the window or wall.
Submit measurements in the following format: Width x Depth x Height
E-mail us before ordering for fast special pricing if your unit exceeds measurement of 27 in width, depth or height.
Call for special pricing on large orders. Free straps not included with commercial bulk order but will be offered at a discounted strap price.
 window unit split bottomWindow/Through the Wall A/C support brackets are not a problem. If your window or wall a/c unit has support brackets outside all we need to know is where they are located. Bottom left and right edges of the a/c unit or a single support at the bottom center make your selection from the drop down menu Above. If your left and right bottom brackets are located in from the outside left and right bottom edges of the unit, provide us with the measurements. Split(s) have Velcro closures. Contact us with special needs involving support brackets.