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About Us

We are the original national supplier of heavy duty, commercial grade, treated canvas specially designed to protect electromechanical outdoor equipment. Family owned and operated, here in the United States since 1989. Nationally known and highly recognized. We are located just outside Denver, Colorado within the beautiful city of Westminster, which is located on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

We offer consumers and businesses throughout the United States, high quality, commercial grade, American Made products that protect the homeowner’s and business’s various equipment, and air conditioning and evaporative air cooler systems investment.

We cut no corners in our manufacturing process of our special heavy duty, commercial grade materials used, and we insist on offering personal, genuine caring service.

You are important to us! We treat our valued customers as we wish to be treated when making a purchase. We value quality, genuine caring customer service, and a reasonably priced product just as you do.

We believe in, and practice good, solid communications and we are always just an e-mail, phone call or FAX away. Please feel free to e-mail us, call us or FAX us with your questions, comments or concerns.