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Custom made for all major barbeque grill brands.
Our high quality barbeque grill cover materials allow your barbeque grill cover to breathe so rust and corrosion is not accelerated due to locking in moisture as with plastic fleece lined or material type covers which freeze and crack and just don't last long.
Resistant to both ultraviolet and direct prolonged exposure to sun and UV exposure. Mildew and rot proof if dry before storage.Light weight, strong and durable. Wipes clean with damp cloth. No machine wash. Beads water on contact and is virtually waterproof, even in heavy rain and snow. Designed and manufactured specifically for outdoor use.
Additional Product Features: Included: Heat sealed 1/8” outdoor nylon rope tie ends with strong Barrel Lock/slide lock to cinch-up and tighten rope tie around unit being covered.
Five year Straightforward Warranty on craftsmanship and material integrity. We “top stitch” all top seams for added strength and protection from water penetration through top seams.
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Covers are based on width, depth, height of the outdoor barbeque grill measurements. Each protective cover comes with a strong 1/8 inch nylon rope tie in the bottom hem of the cover which can be cinched up and will secure the bottom of the cover around your outdoor barbeque grill. Finished sizes may vary. We manufacture our barbeque grill covers a little larger to allow for ease of application any possible shrinkage over time.
Our rectangular grill covers take into consideration a design engineer's recommendations of form and function and longevity with less seams and angles to pull and tear as will contoured covers with multiple angles and seams. We manufacture our barbeque grill covers a little larger to allow for ease of application and any possible shrinkage over time.

Measuring & Ordering Instructions

Grill covers larger than 55"W X 30"D X 50"H: Please FAX, email us or call us with your measurements for a fast price quote. For grill covers within this size place order above.
Provide all measurements in inches, in the following format: W x D x H
1. Width - Measure from the left edge of the counter top over to the right hand edge of the counter top or leaf.
2. Depth - Measure from the front of the grill including handle to the back of the grill.
3. Height - Measurement is from the top of the grill lid to the bottom of the grill.
Example: 62 x 28 x 42 In this example, the the grill is 62 inches wide, 28 inches deep and 42 inches tall.After placing your order above email or FAX us or call in your Measurements Diagram.
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