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Custom Made to Size Covers for all Brands, Makes and Models of Air Conditioners.
Product Features: Heat sealed 1/8” outdoor nylon rope tie ends with strong Barrel Lock/slide lock to cinch-up and tighten rope tie around unit being covered.
Five year Straightforward Warranty on craftsmanship and material integrity.
Outdoor air conditioner covers will protect your outdoor air conditioner condenser unit for a good 5 to 6 months during the Fall and Winter months and prevent just about anything from getting into your AC unit and disturbing the coils and operating system. It also means that your AC unit will most likely avoid getting large amounts of snow and ice in your air conditioner, which could severely damage the coils, cooling “fins” and internal operating system. Remember: water expands when it freezes, so a water or snow on the coils during the day could quickly turn to ice that night. The air conditioner cover needs to be made out of a high quality, long lasting breathable material so that condensation does not build up causing further problems.
Our air conditioner covers are designed for harsh winter weather. Fully protects the entire outdoor unit from snow, ice and other harsh winter elements, while allowing the outdoor unit to breathe properly which is critical. The air conditioner cover is quickly installed with a strong, wind resistant secure fit. Has a nylon rope tie sewn into the bottom hem to secure the bottom of the protective cover, completely around your unit base.
The materials we use are absolutely the highest quality, durable, long lasting professional grade air conditioner covers on the market today. We offer 5 year warranties on material integrity and craftsmanship.
Without a doubt, properly using our air conditioner covers is the best way to protect and extend the life of your A/C.  Rain, leaves, debris, and small critters are just a few of the things that can wreak havoc on your unit.  Like the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it won’t take much shopping to realize that protecting it with a cover is a lot cheaper than repairing or replacing it.
Whatever the shape, size, or brand, we will custom make a cover to keep your unit running efficiently all year long. And we've listened to what consumers have said about other covers on the market. With ours, you'll find features like Velcro openings for hoses and a selection of high quality materials, we're confident you’ll enjoy your cover for years to come!
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We do not offer vinyl, or imported pre-packaged, light-weight poor quality pre-sized covers that do not last long.

Measuring & Ordering Instructions

Provide the outdoor air conditioner unit measurements of Width x Depth x Height (in inches) or for a round unit enter the Dia. x Height and we will manufacture a full length custom made air conditioner cover based on your unit dimensions. As an added feature we add extra material to certain measurements you provide to compensate for ease of application and any possible shrinkage over time.
Prices vary on extra large sizes over 48" of any one dimension. Special sizes and large orders of air conditioner covers are no problem. E-mail us for fast pricing on cover sizes over 48" of any one dimension prior to submitting your order.
Need a split for refrigerant lines? No problem.
In most cases the front of your outdoor air conditioner unit is the side facing away from the house. If you need a split corner for refrigerant lines and electric lines, tell us the corner you want a split as you face the structure and front of the outdoor unit.
Looking at the front of the unit, where do you want a split corner? Right front? Right back? Left front? Left back?
Example: 33"W x 32"D x 20"H Split Corner Right Back