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Find Out Why Our Covers Last!

ROUND, SQUARE or RECTANGULAR! Made to size needed for all brands, makes and models!
The environmentally responsible choice. Our goldish/tan swamp cooler cover material is a heavy duty commercial grade, treated canvas material with a smooth finish and is highly mildew resistant. You will find our covers placed on Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioner units throughout the United States. Guaranteed for 5 years!
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Custom, hand made swamp cooler covers based on your measurements. For residential and commercial applications. Computer colors are not exact. We offer more than expected! We add material to certain unit dimensions to allow for possible shrinkage over time.
We will place the cut out for refrigerant lines and electrical where you want them. Place instructions with special cut out locations within your order or like below example shows. Covers have a rope tie sewn into hem to secure the protective cover tight, completely around your cooler base.