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Cover Storage Bags

We now offer storage bags for custom covers. Keep your cover safe in off season in our storage bags. Made of the same high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Shop Storage Bags Here

Colorado Tuff

Our products are Colorado Tuff! Proudly made to sustain the harsh Colorado conditions, suited for any environment. See why our covers last! Through our top of the line craftsmanship, tailored design, and superior materials – our covers stand the test

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Custom Grill Covers

CapCover Custom Grill Covers - Colorado Tuff

We make superior custom grill covers known for being Colorado Tuff™. Available for any make or model, you send us the exact dimensions and we do the rest. We offer custom grill covers in our fine marine and treated canvas.

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Our AC Covers

Colorado Tuff™ Protective AC Covers

Our air conditioner covers are designed for harsh winter weather. Fully protects the entire outdoor unit from snow, ice and other harsh winter elements, while allowing the outdoor unit to breathe properly which is critical. 5 year and 10 year

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Protect Your Outdoor Funiture

Custom Furniture Covers

We can make covers for all your outdoor furniture and equipment. Using our specially designed materials offering superior protection. We can make custom covers for your outdoor furniture, fire pit, grill, benches, equipment, or anything you wish to keep protected.

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